2013 Missouri Mountain Bike Racing

Mountain Bike Race - Le Tour de Tick -

A Missouri Trails Society event


Team Tick and Missouri Trails Society Presents...

Team Tick and Missouri Trails Society  Presents...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Close your eyes... you just powered up a short switchback - heading up to a flat crown section... Drift Left, carve Right, the music in your head is from Jaws... As you level out of the RH turn you see it!!! BIG DADDY! Do I take it ? is it faster? will it hurt? - Your choice at the 2010 Le Tick - take Big Daddy or meander slowly around it and lose who knows how much time???

Sponsor Line up and other stuff

Big @$$ deal here - Boulevard Brewery http://www.blvdbeer.com/index.cfm has really stepped it up in their support this year - thanks guys! Also confirmed is the great dudes at KUAT http://www.kuatinnovations.com/ - think of a couple of initials... NV??, Hammer http://www.hammernutrition.com/ (can you say mm good!), Bicycle Specialists http://www.bicyclespecialists.com/ - Deb, you guys are awesome!