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Mountain Bike Race - Le Tour de Tick -

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Team Tick and Missouri Trails Society Presents...

Team Tick and Missouri Trails Society  Presents...

Friday, April 30, 2010

April, 2010; Le Tour de Tick

Subject: Stressing about Weather – kinda like Death and Taxes.
OK, I know the course sheds water well, I know the Crew has, & continues to design / re design elements to avoid problem areas & damage to the trail, but stressing over the Weather… will it ever not be a part of event planning? I don’t think so.
The week leading up to the most awesome weekend in the world was perfect, a sprinkle here & there – just enough to have the course in perfect condition… then came Saturday; wave, after wave, after wave of narrow storm fronts & then, as we watched the intense rain taper off, (with about 15 other wannabe pre riders), we decided to walk a bit of the course; it looked good, we saw the sun peak out…Game is on! Sleep well, no worries.
As the morning grew up, while sipping on Starbucks and chomping on Nathan’s, we watched the parking & registration areas start to rapidly fill up, a new stress arises, oh Shiest! we are gonna be slammed! Oh well, good problem to have! The Crew at Registration, Food & Scoring pulls together, final check by the Course Boys – thumbs up from all - the beginner groups grow & grow – nothing to do but kick back & let the awesomeness flow.

Wow, WOW! – huge group of Beginners from ladies to kids to old guys! Off they go for their respective laps being led by the crazy 3Hour Marathon classes, knowing that swag from Kuat Racks, Paceline Products, Trek, Bicycle Specialists, Hammer Nutrition & Sock Guy await – some are wearing their new Le Tick Backpacks while others are already drooling, thinking about the grilled Nathan’s dogs, Boulevard Wheat & Pepsi awaiting them at the finish
Throughout the day the music and camaraderie build & grow, our “Track Stand Benefit” for Kaiden Brenfoerder starts off slow but picks up steam & the interest in those funky Trials Bikes draws the curious & challenges the willing. The Sport & Expert classes build, flexing, warming up, gettin’ ready to challenge the fastest lap record & battle for bragging rights, awards & cash provided by Merrill Lynch, Mikes Lawn & Landscaping & Transport Trailer Service of Joplin.
Once all have done their time on the Bicentennial Trail, mummers of “amazingly dry”, “Big Daddy was sweet”, “great course”, “my son had a blast”, “where is the Beer?”, “how many hotdogs did you eat?”, “when are you gonna raffle the bike, Rack & Jersey?”, “my daughter had a blast!” float above the fun in progress. The awards go off almost glitch free, the swag starts flying, the Boulevard flows & stories of the day build, plateau & taper off as handshakes, hugs & see ya next year slowly fill the air.
Stress or not – we had a blast & thank everyone for their participation, whether you were a Sponsor, Spectator, Racer, Family or Friend - if you were here, we are glad you came – if you weren’t – we missed you. Thanks to all & especially those that help bring the Le Tick awesomeness together!

Much Love to: Our Sponsors, Racers, Trail Crew & the MDC.


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Beginner Results are ready at Google Docs…


Again, please let me know of any misspellings and please feel free to point out any errors.

Thank you everyone!! for your making it to Le Tick!


Monday, April 26, 2010

2010 Le Tick Marathon, Expert & Sport Results

Still a little brain dead but look what is up via Google Docs…

Marathon Men & Women

Expert and Sport

Let me know of any misspellings and please feel free to point out any errors.
Beginners were such big classes that it will take a few days to get through them – be patient please.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Woooo Hoooooo!

Woooo Hoooooo!
Fabulous Day all - Thanks to the Crew, Racers, their Support/Friends/Family, and our Sponsors.
Great combination culminating in tons of Mountainbike Love.
I am fried, more later...


Radar is clear.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Had a crew ride through at about 6:00pm no standing water, a few - a few short sections of mud to make it fun.

All clear since about 8:00pm good to go for tomorrow!

Le Tick is On!

Had slow rain up til 2:00pm today, Most will absorb but we expect a little mud - just enough to ensure a bit of fun. Looks like blue skies through tomorrow all day!

Le Tick is On!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Le Tick Weather and Trail Conditions - everybody is wondering.

Perfect amount of rain this morning, knocked the dust down, trail is as close to perfect as ever!
Will get the same tomorrow and Sunday no rain temps in high 60's low 70's.


Latest Tick Buzzz

GENERAL; Yes, helmets are required.
At only 20% chance of “a few showers” we will be racing!
Kid / Junior Friendly
10 & Under (These tykes race free) modified, kid tested & approved course.
13 & Under; One lap = 6.1 miles of shredding
19 & Under; 2 full laps – come on get off the couch, all your friends are doing it!
FREE “Le Tick” BackPack for registered Racers. Like a big ol’ fashionable dog tick hanging out with ya! Swells as you put stuff in it…

Course will include; Squirrel Hill, Ricks Ramp, Tim’s Terror and of course… Big Daddy!
FOOOOOD Nathan’s hot dogs, Pepsi, & Boulevard!

Trek 3500
Kuat Alpha Rack
Boulevard "Follow Me" Jersey

And much more.

Beginner & Sport Awards three deep.
Did I mention CASH for Expert & Marathon?? yep I did!
Did I mention we have something SPECIAL for the Single Speed winner? Now I have!

AND We are having a Track Stand Competition. - a benefit competition for Kaden Brennfoerder

For just one dollar you get to display your balancing skills on either a Mod or Stock Trials bike. Best (longest time) time wins a Bontrager mid rise handle bar.
All proceeds from the Track Stand Competition go to a tough kid and his family who are fighting to ensure young Kaiden has a long and healthy life.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Trek 3500
Kuat Alpha Rack
Boulevard "Follow Me" Jersey

Did I say CASH for Expert & Marathon?? yep I did!

FOOOOOD  Nathan's dogs, Pepsi, & Boulevard!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pre Registration for Le Tick

Doesn't look like pre registration will be working in time. So....by 4/23 midnight, PM me (see "contact us" for the email), with your name, email, race category and age - then  consider your self in for the awesomeness that is Le Tick!


Monday, April 19, 2010

Coming up this weekend; Sunday April 25th. The 17th annual Le Tour de Tick.

Key items to note;
FREE BackPack for registered Racers.
CASH payout for Marathon and Expert.
AWARDS three deep to all other categories.

Cookies and Brownies from Carrie – Yum!
Grilled Nathan’s Hot Dogs and refreshment from Pepsi and Boulevard Brewery.

Swag from; Bicycle Specialists, Kuat, Boulevard, Paceline Products, Hammer, Trek, Sock Guy, Bontrager, etc…

Did I mention Nathan’s, Pepsi and Boulevard???

We are Ladies friendly...
Kid racin! Lil’ Ones, 10 & Under, 13 & Under. Bring a Junior, save some money!

Track Stand Competition!
Course is BUFF – come on out and race!

Flossin Big Daddy for Kuat

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Yum, yum!

Section 1
Section 7

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Laps / time / distance

Le Tick;
Marathon will be 3 hours, all others will be laps...

Course is 6.1 miles
  Beginner 2 laps
  Sport 3 laps
  Expert 4 laps

10 and under will do a modified course about 3 miles total
Bicentennial has a paved trail if any lil' tykes want to shake it up and show their stuff as well!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

What to do what to do??

Okay, so now... your pre-riding the Bicentennial and it is such a sweet trail that your mind wanders to thinking about maybe gettin' that financial advice you've always wanted to... - butt your distracted 'cause your bum is hurting!  What to do?? Well maybe you need to be getting in touch with our latest SPONSORS!  Mr. Pink at Merrill Lynch (reach out to him at 417-885-0670) and get some Chamois Butt'r from our friends at Paceline Products

Come on you knew that didn't cha?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Close your eyes... you just powered up a short switchback - heading up to a flat crown section... Drift Left, carve Right, the music in your head is from Jaws... As you level out of the RH turn you see it!!! BIG DADDY! Do I take it ? is it faster? will it hurt? - Your choice at the 2010 Le Tick - take Big Daddy or meander slowly around it and lose who knows how much time???

Sponsor Line up and other stuff

Big @$$ deal here - Boulevard Brewery http://www.blvdbeer.com/index.cfm has really stepped it up in their support this year - thanks guys! Also confirmed is the great dudes at KUAT http://www.kuatinnovations.com/ - think of a couple of initials... NV??, Hammer http://www.hammernutrition.com/ (can you say mm good!), Bicycle Specialists http://www.bicyclespecialists.com/ - Deb, you guys are awesome!